Graham Webster
- Enthdegree)


The term “brand” has evolved significantly the origin of the word, where a hot iron stamp was used to identify an owner’s cattle. No longer is  the term used exclusively in the context of a product or service –  people and  political parties are now brands.

Yet when we refer to brands today, the origin of the word remains, brands are a unique identifier. So what differentiates a “Superbrand”?

In a world of  “home brands”, knock offs and “me too”  offerings, the Superbrand stands above those that follow or emulate.

They have longevity, they evolve through subtle change, not wholesale reinvention. They remain true to their core offering, yet adapt to ensure they continue to satisfy their market’s wants and needs – anticipating market changes ahead of the marketplace itself!

They are the brands that other brands would happily be associated with as they would lend credibility to them.

Above all, Superbrands are those that their competitors respect (and secretly admire)!