Adam Jarski
(National Marketing Manager
- Rinnai)


Adam Jarski

‘In an ever changing competitive landscape many major brands can run the risk of losing relevance and authenticity in their historical market segments. The importance of ‘brand consistency’ has long been heralded as the core philosophy of strong branding, something that today is never more important to drive advocacy and strong engagement.

A ‘Superbrand’ is the earned title of a brand who has endured the growing wave of strong competitive players by maintaining a clear and direct focus towards providing a superior end-to-end customer experience which permeates their organisation and ultimately ensures that their brand is well represented in every facet of their business.

It’s this customer – centric focus which has seen previously unknown brands challenge traditional markets and ultimately succeed.  So it’s no longer how long you have been in business that determines success but how close you align your strategy and promise to your customers and deliver on it every day.’