Peter Cornelius
- Kinesis Media)

Before nominating any brand into our ‘hall of fame’ it must first fulfill the criteria of what we believe a strong brand should be
– that is a product or service with a clear, consistent message, a broad scope of distribution, superior quality and on-going consumer loyalty or goodwill.
Including the prefix ‘Super’ to such brands in my view ups the ante. 

In our world of building market capitalization and shareholder value,
marketers put more and more importance 
on the value of their brands. And so they should.
Ask any CEO of a publicly listed company that suffers a marketing disaster like a major product recall or 
negative PR through poor product reviews and/or customer experiences
whether the ‘value’ of their brand is important or not.
In our increasingly fickle financial market where stock value can move up and down on a whim, those brands that consistently perform and remain timely and relevant to the consumer
are those that will prosper and evolve into Superbrands over time.
By standing out from the crowd and delivering true brand equity to an often cynical and demanding customer base, requires an unwavering and dedicated self-belief and commitment.
Those marketers that consistently deliver on this promise thoroughly deserve to be a recognised as Superbrands and may their hard-earned success long continue.