Tim Burrowes
(Editorial Director
- Mumbrella)


“Imagine a world where brands have been outlawed

You drag your way to the cupboard in the morning and open a plain cardboard box of cereal. It’s not particularly tasty, but you comfort yourself that at least it’s cheap. Except it’s not.

Since branding ended, consumers are unaware of what’s available, and consumption has slumped. As a result, manufacturers’ unit costs have rocketed. So this grey sludge costs you three times as much and tastes three times worse.

You have time to reflect on this as you try unsuccessfully to start your car. With no reputation to worry about, the manufacturer has cut corners on quality.

You would call out a motoring organisation. Except without branding you have no idea the service exists.

So you walk to work. Of course, there’s a big hole in your shoe. You had no idea there were better products.

If only we had Superbrands, eh?”